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Why Pressure Washing Is Vital For Rental Properties

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Renting out a property first involves getting the home ready for a new renter. If you have rental properties, you are probably making decisions on what exactly to do to get it ready to show.

It's easy to make some common mistakes when planning a make-ready. You'll need to plan the budget out well and choose wisely when making repairs or improvements. The best options are those which make a big impact at the least cost.

There are some things, like pressure washing the exterior, that you'll want to have done on nearly all properties after a tenant moves out. It is an affordable service that can make the exterior really attractive.

Pressure washing between tenants freshens the appeal of the property and makes it attractive to new renters so the property doesn't sit unoccupied. Every month the house sits with no rental income means an extra out-of-pocket expense for the investor to pay the mortgage and utilities.

While there are improvements or repairs that you'll probably always want to make, there are some things you'll want to avoid doing which may seem like a good idea at the time because it saves costs. Big mistakes now can cost more later.

Courtesy of our Columbia pressure washing experts at ProClean, here are a few tips you'll want to keep in mind when preparing a rental property for a new tenant.

Don't Paint Over A Dirty Exterior, Have The Surfaces Pressure Washed First

If a home isn't pressure washed before painting, the paint is applied over a dirty exterior surface.

While modern paints are warranted to last, they won't adhere to the surface properly unless the dirt and grime are first removed.

Pressure washing gives you a scrubbed exterior surface that is ready to paint. It sufficiently removes stains, graffiti, mold, algae, dirt, grime, and other matter so proper adhesion is achieved.

Don't Expect To DIY Pressure Wash

Professional pressure washing is done with equipment that is far superior to the Columbia power washing machines you can get at your local home improvement store.

The pressure washing machines for professionals must be handled by trained and experienced technicians who undergo training to clean different surface materials without damaging them.

Most rental homes are older, meaning the brick, rock, wood, concrete, shingles, and other exterior materials are more vulnerable to damage. Once these materials are mistreated, the home decays quicker. Save your investment by calling a professional pressure washing service.

With professional pressure washing, any older, more delicate surfaces are treated with soft washing techniques that ensure no harm is done to the surface being washed.

Pressure Wash The Driveway

A dirty, stained driveway is a huge turnoff for many potential renters. It's best to ensure the driveway is professionally power washed as part of the make-ready process.

The garage floor can also be pressure washed in many cases. Renewing these very visible areas will completely change how a tenant views the property.

Pressure Wash The Roof

Cleaning the roof is vital if you want to make the home attractive to potential tenants. Again, professional pressure washing ensures the roof shingles aren't destroyed by the wrong technique.


This service will also take care of any black, green, red, or yellow roof stains. These roof stains are most often caused by algae growth. The stain itself is a byproduct of the organism. Professional pressure washing removes the substance completely.

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pressure washing columbia sc