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Pressure Washing Methods – Hot or Not? What Works Best?

heated pressure washing in Columbia, SCWhile the average consumer wouldn't give it a second thought, pros in the power washing business know there is a difference when it comes to temperature for your washing service. Generally speaking, a power washing is usually an exterior wash that uses warmer water, pressure washing is something that works with cooler water.

However, the terms have come to be so commonly used interchangeably, that it can get a bit confusing. So, we will stick with the term pressure washing and compare warm versus cold when it comes to using this to clean your exterior.

Power Washing Made Easy

For one thing, hot or cold, the flow rate can be the same. So how would you decide if you need warm water or not so hot? The main reason for opting for hot water is that it can be more effective cutting through problematic substances like grease. In other words, the added heat allows it to more easily penetrate molecules of sticky substances like grease. Heat makes it possible to reduce water's surface tension.

Think about washing dishes – what works more efficiently? Hot or cold water? So that makes heated water ideal for cleaning things like engines, or removing grease stains from the patio floor of your outdoor kitchen.

Heat also causes expansion, which makes it less than ideal for certain surfaces. This is where cold water is the better choice. Cooler pressurized water is perfect for things like mud, or to strip paint.

Cold water blasts and cleans, hot water tends to clean more effectively but is not usually right for blasting away things like paint. Although cooler water is safer to work with, neither is appropriate for DIY work. Power washing is a task best left to professionals with the training, experience and skills necessary to get the job done. There is absolutely no reason to take the risk of sustaining an injury.

The other thing people sometimes ask about is if heated pressure washing is the same as steam cleaning. While a good question, it is important to know that these are too different services. Pressure washing uses direct streams of water to serve the intended purpose, such as cleaning or removing paint. Steam uses hot vapors and is ideal for cleaning surfaces like fabrics or anything that needs to dry quickly.

Superior Service for Exceptional Results

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